About Us

    CREW Network is the industry’s premier business organization dedicated to the advancement of women in commercial real estate. More than 9,000 CREW Network members represent nearly every discipline within the industry and are located in over 70 major markets across North America.  

    Professionals in the industry regularly call on our members to assist with all facets of their commercial real estate deals because of CREW Network’s established reputation for excellence.  Our members average 14 years of commercial real estate experience and nearly 76 percent are presidents, CEOs, partners or senior partners of their companies. 

    The CREW Network organization supports the careers of its members through its industry research initiative, delivery of targeted educational and professional development sessions, business networking forums and more.  Additionally, our organization is working to increase diversity within the industry by bringing awareness to all girls and women of the exciting and lucrative commercial real estate careers available to them.  We accomplish this through our University Outreach Initiative, CareerZone site and CREW Careers: Building Opportunities program. 

    Whether you’re looking for the right team to close your next commercial real estate transaction or you’re looking for the right organization to advance your business or career, look to CREW Network.

    Core Purpose:

    To advance the success of women in commercial real estate.  

    Core Values:

    • Professional Community: passionate commitment to mutual assistance; multi-disciplinary; responsive, loyal and supportive relationships.

    • Excellence: progressive and innovative; relentless pursuit of quality and integrity in business and professional relationships.

    • Leadership: visionary, dynamic and solution-oriented.

    • Commitment to advancing women in commercial real estate.  

    Envisioned Future:

    To achieve parity in opportunity, influence and power in the commercial real estate industry.  

    CREW Network will have achieved this envisioned future when:

    • CREW Network is the premier resource and referral network for the commercial real estate industry.

    • Women of diverse backgrounds have unlimited opportunities in the commercial real estate industry because of CREW Network's success.

    • Women have attained an equal number of seats at the commercial real estate table.

    * For more information about CREW of NN please contact any member of the Board of Directors. 

    or CREW Administrator, MNG Partners, info@crewnn.org (775) 800-4664.