Katie Morrison CREW Ambassador of the Year Award:

In 2004, about a dozen women, all of whom specialized in commercial real estate in some capacity, gathered with the audacious idea of forming an organization new to Northern Nevada: CREW - the Commercial Real Estate Women's Network. Katie Morrison was the first President of CREW NN. She served as an example to others in the industry of how to play fair and with the highest class. She influenced CREW, collectively and individually, for the better. She always empowered those she led. She knew how to have a good time. She made and kept friends easily. She wasn't afraid to be herself. She never apologized for what she believed in, and she was never afraid to respectfully disagree with anyone. She set the foundation of this powerful organization, an organization that continues to be transformative for its peers.

The Katie Morrison CREW Ambassador of the Year is awarded annually to a person who has made a great contribution in supporting the advancement of women in the highly competitive field of commercial real estate in Northern Nevada. This person may be male or female and may be retired or a current practitioner in the industry.

Past Recipients include:

2020 – Michael Dermody
2019 – Elizabeth Fielder
2018 – Cheryl Evans
2017 – Alicia Roman
2016 – Marion Hose
2015 – Ronald Jones
2014 – Elizabeth Teske
2013 – Andy Tourin
2012 – Brad Bonkowski & Andie Wilson
2011 – Katie Morrison
2010 – Jann Chubb
2009 – Aiman Noursoultanova
2008 – Par Tolles
2007 – Deborah Sasz-Vonarx
2006 – Peggy Panelli