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    CREW Foundation Donation

    In 2018, CREW of Northern Nevada completed the CREW Foundation Trifecta. To earn this recognition, CREW of Northern Nevada completed:

    • A chapter donation of at least $1,000
    • 100% of the chapter board giving an individual donation
    • 50% of the chapter membership giving an individual donation

    For 2019, we are only one pillar way from completing the Trifecta once again! We are asking our members to donate to the CREW Foundation with any amount they are comfortable with. The recommended donation amount is $20 which is tax deductible.

    Between now and March 4, if you donate to the CREW Foundation, you will be entered into a drawing to win this New Orleans themed basket generously donated by Julie Ott.

    President Cindy Buchanan will also be personally matching all donations, up to $250, until March 4. On Fat Tuesday, March 5, the basket will be delivered to the lucky winner!

    If you would like to donate, please Donate Here. 

    CREW Network Foundation is committed to bringing more women into commercial real estate by offering programs like CREW Careers and UCREW that educate women and girls about the career opportunities in the industry; supporting CRE higher education and training through college scholarship and internships; and providing mentorships to these new to the industry. Your gift will help cover the basic costs of operations as well as provide additional funding to scholarships, and career outreach programs for young women.

    With your help, we hope to earn the Trifecta recognition for 2019!


    Opportunity Zones 101

    In January, Cory Hunt of Applied Analysis presented on Opportunity Zones in Northern Nevada at our monthly luncheon. Cory graciously shared his presentation with CREW and we wanted to share it with our members. Please see below for the Opportunity Zones 101.


    Download the presentation here: Opportunity Zones 101

    If you would like to learn more about a specific area of Opportunity Zones or have any questions, please feel to reach out to Cory Hunt at


    President Cindy Buchanan featured in Northern Nevada Business View

    CREW of Northern Nevada President Cindy Buchanan was featured in the January Edition of the Northern Nevada Business View. Earlier this month, CREW of Northern Nevada announced our 2019 Board of Dirctors which includes four officers, 12 directors and one board of council member. Read the full Northern Nevada Business View feature. 


    CREW 2019: Women Support Women

    Please take a moment to read Western Real Estate Business's interview with 2019 CREW Network President, Holly Neber, as she discusses her goals for CREW in 2019. 


    CREW of Northern Nevada in Northern Nevada Business View

    Thank you Northern Nevada Business View for featuring our 2019 Board of Directors, we are exciting for the coming year. Read the full feautre here: CREW Northern Nevada Appoints 2019 Board Members


    CREW of Northern Nevada Announces 2019 Board of Directors

    Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) of Northern Nevada announced the 2019 Board of Directors at the 2019 Installation Dinner on Wednesday, November 7. The Board of Directors consists of four officers, twelve directors and one board of council member.

    The following members will be serving as the 2019 Board of Directors:

    • President: Cindy Buchanan, First Independent Bank
    • Past President: Lindsey Juriaan, Nevada Commercial Services
    • Treasurer, Julie Ott, Carter-Ott Appraisal, Ltd.
    • Secretary, Gigi Chisel, Lewis Management Corp.
    • Director: Matthew S. Baca, US Bank
    • Director: Angie Elquist, The Law Office of Angie M. Elquist
    • Director: Sherry Ehrhart, Nevada Commercial Services
    • Director: Sandy Gordon, Nevada State Development Corporation
    • Director: Kimberly Hopkins, Reno Business Interiors
    • Director: Tomi Jo Lynch , SVN Commercial Associates
    • Director: Aiman Noursoultanova, CBRE
    • Director: MaryAnn Omohundro, First American Title
    • Director: Alicia Roman, Tangled Roots, Inc
    • Director: Kimberly Rossiter, Dermody Properties
    • Director: Cindy Santilena, Celtic Bank
    • Director: Brian Wallace, Statewide CDC
    • Board Counsel: Elizabeth Fielder, Fielder Law Ltd.


    Emerging Technologies in the Title Industry by Andrew Tourin

    By Andrew Tourin


    Blockchain stores and distributes information across a network of computers, making it widely accessible but also decentralized and more secure. Under the concept, instead of stealing from a person by robbing his bank, a person’s money is kept in hundreds of banks, and stealing it would require robbing each one at the same time. The escrow process not only involves the movement and safe handling of money, but of large amounts of both confidential and public information. The companies developing Blockchain technologies envision a day when all property transfer records are done via blockchain in a fully digital process where the buyer, seller, bank, appraiser, etc, and title company never meet, but still complete the sale of a property.

    Ohio was one of the first States to push this issue through legislation, and lawmakers passed a bill in June to include Blockchain in the section of state law dealing with electronic signatures and electronic records. They are now in the vetting process with County officials to develop procedures and programs to allow the lawful transfer and filing of property records using this technology.

    As promising as Blockchain technology in real estate is, there are still major challenges to overcome to begin to use Blockchain to verify real estate ownership. Each State would have to craft their own legislation, then there’s the logistics and costs of setting up each County’s facilities and records, and all of this would have to be done with the approval and cooperation of the federal government, the banking industry, the ALTA, and various industry lobbies who each have their members to protect (think NAR, Appraisers, Attorneys, Contractors, etc)

    As for the business of Title and Escrow, there have been articles written and statements made that Blockchain would be the beginning of the end for this industry. Blockchain technology will inevitably connect the parties of a real estate transaction and eliminate some of the steps currently used in the verification, transfer and filing of real estate records, but to say that we in the Title industry are a dying breed is inaccurate. Will the role of intermediary services be redefined? Absolutely. However, consider the perpetual needs and remaining gaps:

    • Title Commitment/Policy

    A title blockchain will not be able to account for items that are not on the chain, such as bankruptcy, divorces, civil litigation, deaths, child support, IRS liens, Life Estates and more. These are all items that impact the marketability of title to a property. Recorded and non-recorded defects such as these are a major problem for those Blockchain proponents who want to suggest Title Insurance will not be needed. What happens when a property is purchased and there is a prior IRS lien? Mechanic’s lien? Municipal code violation or utility violation? Guess who covers these items? That’s right, the Title company.

    • Record Keeping

    Unfortunately, there are still over 1,200 Counties not yet digitally recording. Only a few States have passed legislation to allow for electronic notarization. And even more importantly, only a handful of Counties throughout the Country are allowing digital stamps to represent signatures for a recordable document such as a deed or mortgage. Not to mention that the speed which local municipalities move to adopt new technology can be slow. Also the cost of implementing the technology that would allow these processes will cause many States and Counties to balk.

    • The Closing

    Certainly, a smart contract can create rules and procedures to finalize tax prorations, rent prorations and escrow holdbacks pursuant to final inspections. However, who is going to be at this “digital closing table” to mediate between parties in regards to disputes still pending, authenticate a payoff statement from a private creditor or lienholder, obtain a payoff from subcontractors or material suppliers, pay-off all utility bills or verify a power of attorney? 

    An Escrow Officer, or in some States an attorney, is needed in many different scenarios to complete the transaction. Our roles will change. The industry as a whole will be creative in its adaptation of the utilization of the blockchain, amending our services based on the clientele’s future needs. It is true that the fundamental trust in record keeping may be garnered by the blockchain, but today’s Title Insurance company is not going anywhere. We will remain necessary and serve in many different capacities. Blockchain will bring great efficiencies, cost reductions and simplicities to our industry, but it will only supplement the hands-on expertise of a local staff of Title and Escrow professionals.


    In contrast to the coin and paper money of the United States, cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc) are not yet legal tender in any jurisdiction in the Country. Nevertheless, cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular around the world in recent years due to factors such as price appreciation, novelty, anonymity and a decentralized governing structure.

    Although cryptocurrency has legitimate uses, it can also be used to finance illegal activity or evade anti-money laundering laws and regulations. For now, cryptocurrency poses several challenges for Title Insurance and Escrow service providers such as: (1) the extreme price volatility relative to the U.S. dollar, (2) the difficulty of converting cryptocurrency to U.S. dollars, (3) the tax consequences associated with trading cryptocurrency, and (4) the verification of the original source of the funds that purchased the cryptocurrency. Furthermore, like many taxing authorities, private parties, and lenders, Title companies lack the infrastructure necessary to receive or disburse cryptocurrency. 

    Recently, several news organizations have reported cryptocurrency real estate listings and successfully completed cryptocurrency real estate transactions. However, many of these transactions utilized unusual or complicated maneuvers, such as converting the cryptocurrency to U.S. dollars prior to the closing or transferring the sale proceeds outside of escrow. Although “true” cryptocurrency real estate transactions are conceptually possible, it will be several years before all the legal, tax, and verification processes will be in place for them to become common.

    Our industry will continue to update its policies and procedures as the operational, legal, and regulatory landscape surrounding cryptocurrency evolves, as we do with all emerging technologies.

    E-signature Notarization

    The Title industry in Nevada, and across much of the Country, is quickly moving toward the standardization and verification of online e-signature notarizations. There are also several companies marketing e-notarization programs and services. Many State legislatures are in the process of debating and drafting State laws regarding e-signature notarization, and Nevada is due to join in the debate during the upcoming legislative session. When the legislation is finalized the Secretary of State will need to certify e-notarization companies and processes before we begin employing those services.

    These e-notarization companies, services and programs will all have to meet Federal and State guidelines, as well as the requirements of the banking/lending industry, and of the Title industry. The Nevada Land Title Association is currently monitoring the legislation being drawn in various States so that we can be prepared when Nevada finalizes theirs. It will take some time, due to all the factors referenced for other technologies above, however e-signatures and notarization are the closest emerging technology to being legalized and implemented.

    Andrew Tourin is the Vice President of First Centennial Title Company. Tourin has worked for over 35 years in the title industry in Northern Nevada and graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno. He is a Board member of the Northern Nevada chapters of NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) and CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Members).


    CREW of Northern Nevada and NAIOP Present Donation to The Give Hope Foundation

    Commercial Real Estate Women Northern Nevada (CREW) and NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association presented a $10,000.00 donation to The Give Hope Foundation on Monday, September 10, 2018 at Silver Peak Brewery. The two organizations held their annual golf tournament in benefit of the foundation. The Give Hope Foundation provides hope, relief and financial assistance to northern Nevada families who have children battling a chronic illness. 

    Learn more about NAIOP:

    Learn more about The Give Hope Foundation:


    CREW Announces New Members

    Commercial Real Estate Women of Northern Nevada (CREW) has announced the following new members in the organization: Even Meyer with Kidder Matthews; Ted Stover with Colliers International; Ulrike Lapkass with Zions Bank; Margarita Molina with Crown Painting; Katie Hay with Crown Painting; Richelle Daves with Colliers International; and Glen Marshall with US Bank. CREW of Northern Nevada is a local chapter of CREW Network. Go to to learn more.


    CREW of Northern Nevada Announces 2018 Board of Directors


    Reno, NV – November 30, 2017 – Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) of Northern Nevada,  the industry’s premier business organization dedicated to the advancement of women in commercial real estate, announces its 2018 Board of Directors.

    • President: Lindsey Juriaan, Nevada Commercial Services
    • President Elect: Denise Barcomb, Ticor Title
    • Past President: Andy Tourin, First Centennial Title City
    • Secretary: Julie Ott, Carter-Ott Appraisal
    • Treasurer: Cindy Buchanan, Wells Fargo Bank
    • Directors:
      • TomiJo Lynch, SVN
      • Alicia Roman, Tangled Roots, Inc.
      • MaryAnn Omohundro, First American Title
      • Brynn Bertucci, US Bank
      • Heather Ashbridge, NSDC
      • Megan Fogarty, Holland & Hart LLP
      • Megan Mathias, Sierra Pacific Federal Credit Union
      • Elizabeth Fielder, Fielder Law, Ltd.
      • Gigi Chisel, Lewis Management Corp.
    • Board Counsel: Janet Chubb, Kaempfer Crowell


    About CREW:

    CREW Network is the industry’s premier business organization dedicated to the advancement of women in commercial real estate. Nearly 9,000 CREW Network members represent nearly every discipline within the industry and are located in over 70 major markets across North America and the United Kingdom. Professionals in the industry regularly call on our members to assist with all facets of their commercial real estate deals because of CREW Network’s established reputation for excellence. Our members average 14 years of commercial real estate experience and nearly 76 percent are presidents, CEOs, partners or senior partners of their companies. The CREW Network organization supports the careers of its members through its industry research initiative, delivery of targeted educational and professional development sessions, business networking forums and more. Additionally, our organization is working to increase diversity within the industry by bringing awareness to all girls and women of the exciting and lucrative commercial real estate careers available to them. For more information, please visit


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